Portfolio Management

Goal oriented. Through the comprehensive wealth planning process we undertake with our clients, our focus is on absolute returns, the returns and risk our clients require to achieve their long term goals. We define our clients’ return objectives, risk tolerance, investment constraints, and asset allocation and rebalancing policies in a written Investment Policy Statement that provides a foundation for the management of client assets. When clients experience changes in circumstances requiring changes in strategic allocation, we document these changes with an IPS amendment.

Focus on risk factors. Institutional investors are focusing less on who is managing money and more on “risk factors,” or sources of higher long term returns discovered in academic research. Rather than employing higher cost active managers or market cap-weighted index-based investing, we focus on the fundamental and technical factors that have historically lead to higher investment returns.

Low cost. Many advisory firms today are outsourcing portfolio management to third parties in the form of either mutual funds or separate account managers. This usually results in higher costs for the client and lower returns accruing to them. Our use of individual stocks and bonds and low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) results in a more cost-effective portfolio and the opportunity to compound long term returns more efficiently.

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